Genuine gem!

Sarah taught recently for a month at The Yoga Farm in Costa Rica where I live and work. We all benefited from her warm presence and knowledge classes. She was a delight with guests, volunteers and animals alike and we plan to work with her well in the future. I would encourage everyone to enjoy one of her retreats or classes and learn what it's all about from a genuine gem of a yoga instructor. Can't wait to have you back!

— Pat McMahon, Co-Founder of Yoga Trade & Co-Creator of The Yoga Farm


Elevated my expectation

Sarah's style of teaching has elevated my expectation for group yoga instruction to a level I isn't know existed. The depth of her knowledge is vast and she consistently, through social media and in person, demonstrates her commitment to continued learning which results in a high level of trust for her commitment not only to her personal and professional growth but the personal growth of her students as well.

— Megan Harper


The Teacher for EVERY Body

Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for many years you will learn something about your body, your mind(set), or the yoga tradition in every one of Sarah's classes. Oh yeah and you will also smile and maybe even laugh.

— Kara Lee


Lovely environment and fantastic experience!

I thought it was a lovely environment and a fantastic experience. I will always be grateful for my time with you and our group in Spain.  I love everything about you and your teaching style and would "retreat" with you anytime, anywhere!

— Dani


A wonderful experience I will always treasure!

The fact that a student really did not have any worries made it possible to be open and focus on the yoga teachings.  The nutritious and delicious food was also very important!  I certainly enjoyed learning about the limbs of yoga, their applications, and how they build and relate to each other, probably what I am using the most from the retreat was the detailed way you broke down the fundamental poses, and gave them some variation to accommodate different bodies.  I have really been using that when I go to yoga class!  Overall it was a wonderful experience that I will always treasure!  Thank you so much!  

— Bruce


Sarah is Awesome!

Sarah is an excellent teacher! Sarah is very patient and extremely good at explaining yoga postures and their benefits. As a new student she has helped me with body awareness and body sensitivity as well as how to safely push my boundaries to make room for growth. I am very confident I will never hurt myself in any of her classes. I love having Sarah as my teacher!

— Teresa Duncan


Inspiring and Creative!

I took Sarah's inversion class in St. Thomas a few weeks ago. Her instruction and guidance is spot on! She delivered a class that flowed very well together and prepared the students for the ultimate posture of going into a handstand. Her class created a sense of safety and comfort as we all explored the possibilities within our bodies. Thank you Sarah for such a great class!

— F.C.


Radiant and Loving

Sarah is a radiant and loving instructor that creates thoughtfully sequenced classes that are both physically and mentally challenging. She cultivates a light-hearted, safe and supportive space to explore your practice. Definitely make the time to check out her classes!

— Melanie Moskowitz


A strong feeling of peace in my heart that has not left...

I learned more about yoga than I expected to after practicing for 14 years... I feel empowered and so much stronger in my yoga practice.   I feel more confident in holding positions and have more focus in class.   I have a strong feeling of peace in my heart that has not left me since returning home... and I thought it might.   I will try to carry it with me always.

— M.V.


Relaxing, personable and comforting

I absolutely love Sarah! Her teaching style is so relaxing, personable and comforting. I truly feel renewed after each session. I was able to attend her retreat in April 2016. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next one!!

—  Abby

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