Reiki Session

Reiki Session


Before your session begins, you will fill out a breif questionnaire about what you would like Reiki to assist you with. This can be physical, emotional or mental discomfort or a desire to increase relaxation, healing and harmony in your life.

During a Reiki session, concentrated healing energy will be directed to the client via the practitioner's hands.  Sometimes there is a light, physical touch or tapping and often there is a hovering of hands.  The practitioner is guided by the Reiki energy and intuition on how to hold space and direct energy to where the client needs healing. 

In addition to the hands on healing, your practitioner may add on other energy work techniques to address your unique needs and support your personal goals.

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If you are a no-show for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a $25 inconvenience fee. This fee will need to be paid before rescheduling.

Once payment is received, you will receive a link to book your appointment!