Why do we dream?

There are many opinions on why we dream. Still, there is no certain truth. Some researchers say dreams have no meaning and are nonsensical electrical impulses of the sleeping brain. Other researches say dreams are necessary for mental, emotional, and physical health - that there is a deeper meaning to our dreams, or that our sub and super consciouses do their processing and healing through dreams. Some studies have shown the importance of dreams to our health and overall well-being.

I believe in both of these schools of thought solely based on my personal experiences. I have watched total brain gibberish and madness unfold as well as deep, repressed memories resurfacing and rectifying. I have dreamed up amazing, creative projects in my sleep and addressed deeply ingrained fears and insecurities. I dreamed hysterical nonsense about my dog and surrealist landscapes where physics have no respect. I dreamed extremely healing conversations and have received answers about things I could not consciously comprehend. 

I awoke from a dream the other morning, and this dream left a lasting impression on me since. The dream was quite short in dreamland time and felt very precise and without unnecessary distractions or madness. I dreamt I had two sets of eyes: the regular set and another, identical set underneath. I was in front of the bathroom vanity attempting to put my contacts into the lower the set of eyes (because if you know me you know I wear coke-bottle glasses or contacts to correct my super poor vision). The contacts kept popping out after a moment of super distorted blurriness. I realized I did not need corrective lenses of any kind in this bottom row. My regular set of eyes were still in desperate need of some help to see clearly and did not reject the contacts.

I posted about it on my Instagram and received the best explanation from my dear friend, Kesha. She helped me to see that in this waking world of existence, sometimes I need help (Glasses/contacts or community/experiences) to see things more clearly - to trust my vision. This level of existence is represented by the regular set of eyes - my waking conscious. In this life, we are in relationship and community with others - we have the chance to learn from each other to grow and challenge us. We have different ideas and opinions to help guide us and to broaden our tunnel vision to see the bigger picture with clarity.
However, my second set of eyes ("subconscious eyes") are representative of my intuition and natural instincts and do not need help or outside influences ("contacts or glass") to see and perceive what is true. I can learn to trust my intuition and be confident that on a deeper, spiritual level, I will always feel and see the truth.

When I use this dream as a tool for reflection, it feels relevant. This dream came to me as I am in a place of discernment and questioning if my intuitive compass needs calibration. I've been looking at some of my stubborn principles and wondering if I am too rigid... or if accommodation/lightening up would equal compromise of my integrity?

Some interesting moments of introspective pondering are swirling around in my head for sure!

How about you? Do you often remember your dreams? Do you think there is a deeper meaning to your dreams?

 With love, Sweet Dreaming,
xoxo Sarah

"Animeyed" by Flora Borsi

"Animeyed" by Flora Borsi

Sarah Kadel