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Tips for a Home Yoga Practice: Dedication & Creativity!

Some days, your practice is intense with loads of sun salutations and arm balances.  Other days, your practice might be rolling around on your back and chilling in child’s pose for the entire time.  That is okay.  Let your mind’s constraints of what practice looks like go.  Listen to your body.  Find your inner teacher.  Be receptive to what you need in the moment.

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Loving & Living without an Insurance Policy

When I made the choice to stop living in fear and live more freely and love more openly, I had to stop living life with an insurance plan. I could no longer love with an emergency escape plan. I chose to give 100% of my love, commitment, and dedication to myself, my husband, our relationship, my life and our lives together.

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The Gift of Difficult People (we are not separate)

When you stop your harsh judgments and open your mind back up, you experience freedom. And that freedom creates more space for understanding, love, honesty, openness, generosity and peace. You create the space for the realization that none of us are separate.

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