Plant seeds and water them

Sankalpa roughly translates from Sanskrit to English as “will, purpose.” It can be understood as an affirmation or intention. I like to think of a Sankalpa as "singing to your soul." Words and thoughts are powerful. We create our realities with what we manifest through thought and speech. Our perspective can shift and move with our words. Our self-efficacy and confidence ebbs and flows with our self-talk. We can inspire and ignite our passion, or we might degrade and extinguish our dreams. It is our choice.

The practice of setting intentions and creating Sankalpas can be a powerful tool for setting goals and transformation. As psychologist and author Dr. Luis Rubén de Borbón says, 

Words are the vehicle for change and inspiration, they allow the brightest minds on Earth to free themselves of the chains in their minds. Words turn dreams and visions into reality, they give life to all that remains hidden and kept away. They allow ideas, innovations and movements to see the light of day.

I know this to be true. I exerienced the power of a Sankalpa.

I saw an Intuitive Healer about three years ago when I refused to have a third knee surgery. I was in acute pain, could not walk without crutches, certainly could not practice physical yoga asana, and was descending very rapidly into depression. My self-talk was violent. I was angry that my knee was injured again. Skeptical and desperate, I decided to try anything - at least once.

One of the first things the Intuitive Healer worked me through was shifting my perspective and changing the tone and content of my inner narrative. I wanted my knee to heal; so, I visualized myself healed. The Sankalpa she helped me write was, "I am whole, healthy, and complete." I was to repeat this to myself three times every time my negative thoughts strangled my hope. I visualized myself walking without pain or crutches. I sent love and kindness to my knee, massaged it gently, and told myself I was "whole, healthy, and complete."

I saw the Intuitive Healer just once. I went home that night. Feeling defeated and irritated that I just wasted $90. I did my meditation and Sankalpa, just to be sure - what if it does work? I literally had nothing to lose.

I drifted off to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to use the bathroom. Half asleep, I staggered back to the bed. When a moment of clarity hit me -


Shocked and delighted, I climbed back into bed with eyes wide. I reasoned that I was sleepwalking - this is a dream. I drifted back off...

In the morning, I would discover that my pain was almost gone. I had more ease in my walking. My half-asleep state seemed to take my negative thoughts out of the equation long enough for something truly magical to happen. Healing was unfolding - and very quickly. 

I kept with my affirmation and visualizations. For about a month, I felt like my knee was completely healed. I was simultaneously in disbelief and awestruck.

Weeks went on, and life became busy. I stopped my intention and affirmation practices. I didn't even notice I stopped because I was no longer in pain.

Until it all came back and hit me like a cartoon scenario of the piano dropping on me from above. 

I was right back where I started.

The journey with my knee injury is a long one. It ebbs and flows - and not surpisingly, it correlates with my mental health and internal dialogue.

So, friends, what I am sharing with you is my personal testament to how powerful our words and thoughts can be. Even if there is a slight chance your pain and discomfort might be eased by a word or two recited a few times a day - is it worth it? What if this intention or Sankalpa stirs up your passion and gets you moving in the direction of your goals - wouldn't it be worth it? 

Words turn dreams and visions into reality, they give life to all that remains hidden and kept away.

I offer you a *free* guided meditation to help you develop a Sankalpa practice. This meditation is about planting the seeds of your Sankalpa deep into your soul. By meditating on your Sankalpa, you will water and nourish those seeds to grow within you. Remember to choose a word or phrase that is in the present tense - such as, "I am complete, whole, and healed," rather than, "I want to be complete..."

This practice takes time, dedication, and consistency. Words and our thoughts have undeniable power in our lives - choose to use your words and thoughts to cultivate what is important to you. Focus your energy on growing and bringing your dreams into reality.



Sarah Kadel