Miracles beyond the obvious

"Everyday we are engaged in a miracle we don't even recognize."

- Thich Naht Hanh

As of late, I am actively working towards recognizing the miracles around me in the seemingly mundane bits of my day.  This challenge is the current focal point of living my yoga both on and off the mat.  When inspiration and excitement are lacking in my practice, chores, work and activities, it is as if the Universe nudges me to say, "it is time to invite more curiosity and wonder into your life."  Am I the only one that feels a periodical dulling of my senses or perception when life becomes particularly habitual, boring or challenging? I find myself vigilantly monitoring the layers of crud that accumulate on my awareness, and when it gets too cloudy and obstructed, I take action.

One of my favorite tried and tested ways to cleanse the muck, invite curiosity, awaken my senses, ground my awareness and enliven my soul is to walk through the forest with my beloved dog. Walking aimlessly through the forest surrounded by nature and devoid of social media, I find my innately peaceful center.  I soak up the sounds, smells and textures of nature.  I find myself infatuated with the freedom the forest offers. 

Here I share a recent account of my wander in the woods:

Beyond the obvious and outside of my mind
The quiet song of the morning forest soothes my soul.
The damp air carries notes of blooms and decay
As the warming sun filters through the haze.
The song changes with whispers of deer stirring in the leaves
The snapping of twigs excites curiosity and teases trepidation.
Beyond the motion of sound a stillness lingers
Which opens an invitation to be silent and present.
Beyond the obvious and outside of my mind
The freedom of the morning forest reflects in my soul.

May you find a clearer and more vibrant experience of the miracles and magic all around you - even in the subtle or mundane.