Hey You! You have everything inside...

Where are you looking for your answers? Where are you looking for happiness? For peace? Do you seek Love outside of yourself?

I love the inquiry that meditation and yoga provide in my life, especially if I feel ungrounded, scattered, upset, uneasy, or just plain lost.

For me, to sit in stillness or to move in silence while surrendering to the rhythm of my own breath... it offers up moments, however brief, of clarity. And what I see in those moments of clarity is my own, unadulterated reflection of everything I thought I lacked and needed.

When I observe my mind, I am free to release any judgements, stories, or lies that hold me back from happiness. When I am able to be still, I can feel the ever-present peace inside of me. When I become intimate with my own presence, I discover the limitless availability of Love. And when I can remember that I contain happiness, peace and Love inside of me, I am completely Whole and Free. And then I am able and free to see the same capacity in others and generously share myself with them.

What is your experience? When can you feel happiness, peace, and love inside of you? Is it when you meditate, practice yoga, play with your child, look into the eyes of a loved one, pray, sing, or dance?Untitled design