Namaste, India: until next time

Our last few days in India consisted of classes and discussions with D about our goals, finding a purpose, and reviewing our lessons with the peaceful Rajastani desert as our classroom.  We stayed in luxurious tents in a walled-in garden paradise with abundant flowers, fountains, pavilions, hammocks, and peacocks mingling with us.  D surprised the group with a visit to an elephant refuge where we bathed, brushed, rode, and hugged the magnificent, gentle giants.  It was such a fabulous surprise - one of my dreams come true - and we topped the day off with singing and laughing around a bonfire in the desert. As our adventure in India neared its end, we continued wholeheartedly with the usual endless shenanigans, and incredible, pants-wetting laughs.  We began to discuss our favorite parts of the trip, already desperately trying to memorize the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations that India brought to us: The magical surprises, the color of Varanasi, the temples, the meditation and classes, the long nights under the desert stars, early morning yoga in the dewy grass, the sounds of the Ganges river, the indescribably tasty dinners...  The self-realizations, the goals set, the purposes redefined, our passions reignited...

I cannot properly share the magic of India with you. Or explain the unique catalyst for self-discovery that India offers with the exotic landscape and colorful people. It is impossible.  You must go.  JUST GO.  It is the most inspiring, Soul awakening, mystical, beautiful, crazy and chaotic place in the world.  I love India. My heart felt full to the brim there and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing - actually, my heart still feels full. The experiences are unlike anything you could ever get out of a photo or a poorly written, rambling blog. You must feel the shock, the delight, the confusion, the awe, the interconnectedness with all things... You must experience these things for yourself.

I discovered so much amazing transformation and realization within myself that was sparked by the opportunities that India and Dandapani’s teachings offered.  I cannot wait to share them with you as they continue to manifest as I continue on my path.

My lovely teacher, Robin, in the gardens.

Some of the serene surroundings at our camp in Samode.

So gentle!  I love elephants!

Elephants and their handlers.

Sweet Lakshmi allowed us to bathe and brush her.

Robin, our driver, and I.

We manifested an impromptu cricket game with the very willing workers at our campsite.

Tommy takes the wheel on the tuk-tuk.

Yogis stretching out as we break form class.

Lakshmi and her handler.

Playing around after class in a pavilion.