What's the deal with this blog, anyway?

My teacher, Robin, has always reminded me that teaching is simply sharing experiences and knowledge with others. That is what I hope for this blog: to share my journey, my self-realizations, my observations and discoveries of the beauty around me… Right now is the perfect time for this blog to begin. I am on the threshold of new beginnings. In just a few weeks, I am leaving the community at Jane's House of Well-Being that has fostered my growth as a teacher and student for the last 15 months, and I am moving to Germany.

After 15 months of yoga and self-study immersion, my perspective is much different than it has ever been before. Much has changed within me and around me in this time: I moved from the Virgin Islands to the Midwest, my boyfriend was deployed to Afghanistan and safely returned, that boyfriend turned into a husband, both of my grandmothers transitioned out of this world within weeks of each other, many pregnancy and wedding announcements among family and friends were made, and so many more countless forms of change and growth continue to happen all around me.

My intention for this blog is to keep a journal of my travels and of my experiences as a yoga teacher, a wife, a friend, a passionate student of self-inquiry and truth, and a hilarious (in my opinion) practical jokester. I love inquiry. I dive deeply into the depths of my most uncomfortable and insecure stories (telling about them and feeling embarrassed!); I look closely at and observe dualities and oneness in life. I also love being juvenile and tasteless and talk about about farts and poop. I try to keep it real and not take myself too seriously.

I hope to see you here, following along my journey. Like all journeys, the path is both tumultuous and super smooth, but no matter how out of control and wild this path may seem, it is always beautiful and full of adventure.