Samadhi: The Eighth Limb of Yoga

Absorption into Oneness

Samadhi is translated in so many expressions over time: “Bliss, Oneness, Cosmic Consciousness, Absorption into Divine, Complete Surrender, Awe Struck.”  

Oneness with What?  Absorption into What?  Surrender to what?  

These answers cannot be found in a book or in words. These answers are written on your heart and felt with your soul.  Whether or not you have a God is irrelevant - this is more than a word, concept or faith. Samadhi is about moments (however fleeting) of total, profound connection. Samadhi happens spontaneously as well as practiced. This connection may even be our natural state, but this worldly body and mind have bound us into the illusion of separation from God, The Source, Nature, Oneness, Collective Soul, etc.   

There is a greatness right beneath the surface of everyday life, and every once in a while we catch a glimpse of it.  Those are the sudden, lucid flashes when life beguiles us out of the prison of our minds and leads us straight into the moment… We can live in the light with the same ease with which we live in our darkness…  This final moment in the Eight lImbs of Yoga is about allowing grace to happen.  Not hoping for it to happen, not trying hard to let it happen, not believing that one day it will happen - this final moment is about letting it happen.   It is about shining, and who are we not to shine? - Rolf Gates

Samadhi implicates a letting go our our Self to absorb into the essence that we are - total energy, grace, God, Divine, Nature, etc.   Samadhi also indicates that this is not something that needs to be “done” because we already are One and Absorbed, it is just realizing and remembering this through the practices.