Sacred Earth Retreat

High in the Andean Mountains, deep within the Sacred Inca Valley...
Adventure awaits us!

These are just a few of the highlights on the Sacred Earth Retreat 2019 itinerary. There are always surprises around every corner...


Lake Humantay

Blue Lagoon

Get a taste for Peru’s high-alpine scenery and ancient Inca customs during this full-day hike to Lake Humantay from Cusco. Ascend to this scenic body of water located at 13,779 feet (4,200 meters).

This challenging hike and extremely early wake-up call is well worth experiencing the magic of these crystal blue waters.



Stunning Inca Argriculture

In a remote area, not often visited by tourists, you will find the visually stunning Inca ruins of Moray.  The Moray ruins are not mentioned in many guide books which provides peace to enjoy enormity of this site. Like much of the Inca ruins, the purpose behind these concentric terraces isn’t totally known. It is, however, widely believed that the ruins were once a research area for the Inca people. The circular terraces that lie here are thought to have been used as an agricultural research station. 


Machu Picchu

The Lost City in the Clouds

The ruins of this mysterious city became known to the world only in 1911 and it still retains an air of adventure and grandeur. The history of the site still remains an enigma. There have been many educated guesses by historians and anthropologists, but no one truly knows what ceremonies or purpose the site served. The Temple of the Sun at Machu Picchu is a site of beauty, power, reverence and sanctity.  At an altitude of 7,970 ft, it is nestled in the Andes Mountains sitting in a forest of clouds, and it is a breathtakingly beautiful UNESCO site. 

Maras Salt Mines, Peru 104.jpg


Ancient ways in Modern day

Maras is a quiet town still operating and selling the salt that comes from these traditional, ancient salt mines. The salt and mineral water is filtered into these mines and naturally dried in the sun. There is said to be exquisite healing properties in the salt of Maras. Take some home with you!


Huchuy Cosqo (Qosqo)

Little Cusco

It is hard to out-do the majesty of Machu Picchu, but if any place can do it, Huchuy Cosqo might! We will actually follow in the foot steps on the original Inca Trail! This hike is long, challenging, and worth the amazing scenery. Folks on the previous Sacred Earth Retreat said that Huchuy Cosqo was their absolute favorite hike on the entire retreat. It is not to be missed!



New-Age Charm meets Ancient Culture

It is difficult to not fall in love with the charming culture of Pisac with it's colonial architecture, Inca fortress, ruins, markets and weaving culture.  Some kind of charismatic pull has magnetized spiritual seekers seeking everything from yoga retreats to cleansing holidays to hallucinogenic plant medicine trips. 

The charming pull of Pisac cannot be denied! Pisac is an adventure off the beaten path that will invite cultural appreciation.