Sacred Earth Retreat

Feedback Questionnaire 

I am endlessly grateful to you! Thank you for traveling so FAR, facing fears or insecurities, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and BRAVELY exploring the Sacred Valley and our connections to the earth and each other. I look back on the week we spent together and feel so proud of our group. That was a serious adventure!

As always, there is of course room for improvement. I am continually learning about how to better communicate, manage expectations, work within parameters given, and how to better serve YOU. I appreciate any and all feedback you may have for me. I will take it all into consideration and use it to shape and form the next retreat.

I also ask for your help in leaving me a review on Facebook and on this form (they can be the exact same review, just copy and paste!). Reviews help me to grow my credibility and expand my offerings. With my constant relocation, reviews help me get a footing when we move to a new location.

As always, I am eternally grateful for your trust and support in me. Please reach out at any point with questions or suggestions or to say, "Hola!"    xoxo

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