Sacred Earth Retreat 2019


Is this retreat right for me?

  • This is a really important question to ask yourself. You want to be sure you are investing your time, money, and energy into a retreat that is the right fit for you.

  • This retreat is for the adventurous, open-minded, flexible, and energetic! When traveling abroad to a developing country, it is important to remember that some modern comforts we are accustomed to are not a part of daily life in Peru. Luxuries such as running water and hot water are inconsistent. Our retreat center, Sach'a Munay is extremely comfortable and beautiful and the staff will do everything in their power to make you feel right at home!

  • There are many factors that might make your retreat more enjoyable. I would advise against this retreat if you: experience motion sickness in cars, are not 100% excited about vegetarian and healthy foods, are fearful of heights or cliffs, require access to medical attention, or are not ready for a real adventure.

  • This retreat is PERFECT for you if you are easy-going, love to travel, enjoy different cultures, love to step outside of your comfort zone, and want to see one of the most beautiful places on earth!

  • Are you looking to open your mind and expand your heart? YES!!! Feel free to contact me if you unsure or if you feel held back. Your participation is welcome if you are coming from a true place of heart and can meet the physical requirements. If you are concerned about your health or medical conditions, please consult with your doctor.

  • Applications are important and will be reviewed. If for any reason I feel this retreat and what I am offering is not a right fit you, I will honestly recommend you pass on the Sacred Earth Retreat.

Do I need Travel Health Insurance?

  • YES! Travel Health insurance is REQUIRED to attend the Sacred Earth Retreat. You will be asked to submit proof of this insurance prior to your final payment. All medical expenses or emergency services are your responsibility to cover on the Sacred Earth Retreat.

Will there be Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies like ayahuasca or san pedro on this retreat?

  • No. The participation in Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies is prohibited during the retreat. This is to ensure the safety, comfort and stability of all participants. If you would like to participate in this sacred initiation while in Peru, plan to extend your trip. I am happy to give recommendations of where I stayed last year for an authentic Ayahuasca ceremonial and sacred journey.

How intense will the hiking be?

  • The hiking will be on varying terrain, inclines and altitudes. The altitude is a challenge! Moderate physical fitness is necessary to keep up with the group. We will be hiking almost every day. Some days for 1 hour some for 5 hours. Good, comfortable, broken-in hiking boots are necessary. Now is a good time to go out in nature and practice!

I am new at yoga.  Is that okay?

  • Yes! All levels of Yoga practice are welcome on this retreat. The morning practices will be about energizing and invigorating the body and evening classes will be slow, gentle and nourishing.

Will I get altitude sickness?

  • Everyone responds differently to higher elevations. If you do experience altitude sickness, it may feel like lethargy, headache or "just off." People have described it as "a hangover" feeling - the symptoms and degrees of severity vary in individuals after about 9,842ft above sea level. It often passes in a day and can be remedied with Coca tea and rest. Here is some great information from the NHS Please consult with your doctor if you are concerned about altitude sickness or any medical conditions that may affect your health and comfort at higher altitudes.

  • The itinerary of our retreat is specifically planned to gradually acclimate the group to higher elevations, and we will not be spending the night or consecutive days at very high elevations to limit the chances of elevation discomfort. Our "home base" is at 9,606 which is under the AMS guidelines. That means some folks might feel the elevation while others do not. You will be largely unaffected by any lingering AMS. It is really when you stay at the high elevation for prolonged times without gradually arriving there that can cause symptoms. Personally, I felt very thirsty, out of breath, and tingling in my hands for my first few days. Nothing a little Coca tea couldn't remedy!

What are the elevations of the places we will visit?

Here are the elevations in feet above sea level.  Please note, these are the elevations at the highest point of these locations and does not mean we will ascend to that altitude.

  • Lima 5,080 (International Airport)

  • Cuzco - 11,152 (Local Airport)

  • Calca (Where Sach'a Munay "home base" is located) 9,606

  • Pisac - 9,514

  • Maras - 11,088

  • Moray - 11,106

  • Chinchero - 12,343

  • Urubamba - 9,420

  • Aguas Calientes - 6,693

  • Machu Picchu - 7,972

  • Ollantaytambo - 9,160

  • Huchu Cusqo - 13,000+

I plan to arrive earlier.  How will I get to Sach'a Munay?

  • You have 2 options: You can return to the airport and meet up with the group and take the transportation included in your retreat, or you can find your own transportation to Sach'a Munay not included in the retreat cost.

I want to stay later in Peru.  What do you recommend?

  • There is so much to see and experience in the Sacred Valley. You may stay in Cusco since you will be already acclimated to the high altitude. You might travel on to Lake Titicaca. You may decide to stay longer in one of the many villages we visit during the week. Stay open and do what feels right - it is often rewarding to be spontaneous! I have traveled extensively through Peru for a month and will guide you as needed.

Where and when do i fly?

  • You will need to get to Cusco, Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ). The group will leave by 1:00 PM on 22 March, 2019. Plan to be at the airport with enough time to meet the group if you plan to take the transportation with us.

  • Book flights to arrive as early as possible or arrive in Cusco the night before. Delays are common and frequent.

  • Book flights only on Avianca and Latam. Avoid LC Peru.

  • A note on flights: Our local guide said most flights arrive in Cusco earlier than noon because of increased, afternoon up-drafts on the mountain top making it difficult to land. If you plan to arrive in Cusco the day of the retreat (22nd), it is a good idea to spend the night before in Lima and then take the earliest morning flight to Cusco.

  • Departures will be on 30 March, 2019. Transportation will be arranged for the group to depart at 10:30 AM. I advise you to not book any flights prior to 3:00 PM. *Most flights out of Cusco are in the late afternoon and the return home flights from Lima are even later (Midnight and later from Lima!).

Do I need a Visa? Do I have to pay for entry to Peru? What about Vaccines?

  • As we all know, the world and our relationship with one another is always shifting and changing. As of right now, Americans with a valid passport do not need a visa in advance nor do they need to pay to enter the country.

  • Be sure your passport does not expire prior to October 2019 and that you have at a minimum two blank pages for stamps.

  • You can check out what the state department recommends for travel and vaccines Here.

Why am i asked to supply my passport number and information to you?

  • There are a few reasons, actually. I need this information (and a photo copy of the photo page, eventually) to book your train tickets (inclusive) to Machu Picchu.

  • In the past, folks did not realize their passport was not valid resulting in a major issue just weeks before the retreat (and a huge headache and expense for everyone to get the proper documentation in time!).

  • This information is necessary in the event of an emergency abroad. I need access to this information to help you if you are not able to help yourself.

  • You will be asked again for your passport by everyone hotel we visit. It is a good idea to make multiple copies of your passport prior to the trip so you can provide pre-made copies (although, some places may not accept it).

I want to come but I do not have a roommate. What do I do?

  • No problem! Share the retreat Facebook event and invite others that you might already know! If you still cannot find a roommate, I will do my best to connect you with a roommate you will pair nicely with for the week.

If you have any other questions - please submit them to me here!