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Baja, Mexico
June 21-27, 2020



Our society values “being busy” as a status symbol of importance and success. Our jobs, relationships, and hobbies occupy most of the hours of our days. In the age of abundant technology, we have infinite ways to fill time (online and off) instead of leaving idle moments as restorative white space - silence amidst so much constant, busy noise. These moments of space in between the “busyness” are often filled with other distractions. Often we avoid idleness and slowing down as a way to escape being alone with our thoughts. We may fill our free hours mindlessly filling up time to avoid facing our pasts or deep questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” or “What is my purpose?”

Without the space and time to slow down, re-energize, and rest, we often lose our connection to what matters most to us.

The Renew Retreat is an opportunity to embrace the spaces in between our busyness and constant “doing” to discover the possibilities of reflection, growth, and re-connection with our selves, our inner guides, and nature around us.


Have you ever felt burnt out? Do you feel emotionally, physically, or mentally exhausted? Burn out can occur when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet the constant demands of life. On the Renew Retreat, we will focus on tools and tips to help you refresh yourself from burnout and to hopefully prevent future overwhelm.

Daily guided yoga, breath work, and meditation will be provided to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Our practice space is a sea-side, fully enclosed beach pavilion. Gaze out to the expansive sea in front of you or look up to the mountains behind. There is truly no better place for inner reflection and to re-energize the body and spirit.

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The Renew Retreat is a unique opportunity to leave all of the distractions and typical energy depleting habits at home. Simple and comfortable Glamping tents give you everything you need for rest and restoration. Fall asleep to the sound of the waves on comfy beds with memory foam mattresses and down comforters. You can literally feel the vibrations of the powerful sea through the earth while sleeping under the stars.

WIFI is unavailable in our retreat space. Enjoy the freedom from constantly bombarding your senses with social media, news, and excess technology. Take a break and unplug from your devices. Detoxify from distractions. This is a time to simplify and reconnect with yourself, your inner world, and nature. Give yourself the space to recharge your own emotional, mental, and physical batteries. Embrace the pause, stillness, and silence rather than filling every moment with chatter and excess. Be still with yourself and listen to what is deep within.

Your private, furnished Glamping tent has electricity and lights.
Shared outdoor bathrooms with modern plumbing are nearby.


The theme of the retreat is Renewal in every sense. We will work to clear out mental clutter and set clear goals through group workshops throughout the week. A major part of your self-care will involve taking it slow, allowing “boredom” to creep into your days, and listen to your inner guide. Walk barefoot on the expansive beach. Read or nap in a hammock. Cool off in the pool. Watch the magnificently colored sunrises and sunsets. Align yourself with the rhythms of nature. Go slow. Feel everything around you. Awaken your senses. Refresh your mind, body, and soul. Enjoy the beauty around and within you!

Your facilitators will guide you through a Silent day of reflection. This is a great way for anyone interested in longer Silent Retreats to get your toes wet with quietly diving deeply into the internal landscape of your mind.

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Our retreat center cultivates fresh kitchen herbs and vegetables in their own organic garden. There are papayas, bananas, oranges, and mangoes in the orchard. You can expect wholesome, delicious, organic, and lovingly prepared vegetarian meals three times a day to fuel and nourish your body.

Our retreat center is a space for deep healing and revival of the many dimensions of life. To maintain this deep healing, the retreat property is completely alcohol, drug, tobacco, and altering-substances free - without exception.


  • 6 nights accommodation in your private Glamping Tent

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes

  • Round-trip ground transport from Cabo San Lucas airport to our retreat center*

  • 3 lovingly prepared and nourishing meals a day**

  • Ocean front accommodations only steps away from an expansive beach

  • Refreshing salt water pool

  • Todos Santos day trip

  • Hike to secluded, pristine beach

  • Shared outdoor bathrooms with modern plumbing

*There will be a 2-hour window for included transportation.
**One lunch and one dinner out on the town are not included.


  • Airfare

  • Gratuities

  • One lunch out in Todos Santos

  • Massage, Reiki, or extras

  • Additional transport/trips

Pre-Sale: Private Glamping Tent $1,480.00 USD
Regular Sale: Private Glamping Tent $1,580.00 USD
Want to share a tent with someone? This option is available for couples booking together (at the same time) only. Shared tent, shared bed $2,580.00 USD Total for 2 people ($1,290.00 per person. However, booking is to be completed together).

Pre-Sale tuition is available to the first folks that register for a Private Glamping Tent during the pre-sale event on January 4, 2020. A non-refundable $300 deposit is required to lock in the Pre-Sale price and reserve your tent and retreat spot. This discount is available first come, first reserved for 24 hours only. Do not miss out!
Regular tuition will be available on February 10, 2020.
A $500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve a shared tent for pairs booking together only. No roommates will be assigned.

Sarah Kadel

I love curating wellness-inspired retreats and travel opportunities to connect folks with themselves, new cultures, the land, nature, and each other.
My favorite part about this location is the profound healing and grounding power of the land and sea. I personally experienced so much nourishment during my time studying Reiki during a emotionally difficult period following an experience in the Virgin Islands during Hurricane Maria directly after Hurricane Irma (two back to back Category 5 hurricanes). Nature soothed my nervous system as the waves lulled me to sleep and the peace of the land relaxed my mind. I look forward to sharing this peace and healing with you!

Sarah will lead yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and group discussions on the retreat.


Lauren Sale

I'm passionate about building meaningful experiences and relationships through living well and exploring beautiful pockets of the world. Through yoga, I find self-care habits to live a more authentic, connected, and vibrant life. A deep love and respect for Mother Nature lights me up with pure joy. Integrating travel, yoga, mindfulness, and being out in nature has been one of the most important ways I've reconnected to myself in a world where it's so easy to feel disconnected. I'm looking forward to sharing this practice and experience with you!

Lauren will guide you on a relaxing yin and restorative journey in the evenings.

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Is the Renew Retreat right for you?

Are you looking to really disconnect from work, social media, news, and the constant busyness of life?
Are you easy-going, enjoy camping, and look forward to the challenge of potentially feeling “bored”?
This retreat is perfect for you if you feel overwhelmed at home and need to step back to gain some clarity.
This retreat is perfect for you if you want to relax, slow down, and dive deeply into an intimate relationship with yourself and the land.
All levels or yoga and meditation experience are welcome!

This retreat is not recommended for you if you consider yourself high-maintenance, are not willing to disconnect from WIFI or your devices, or are looking for a “vacation.” This retreat is not for you if you cannot be without tobacco, alcohol, meat, or other substances for a week.

This is a yoga, mindfulness, and spiritual retreat - this is not a vacation. Do not expect to go sight-seeing or on extravagant excursions - these services are not planned or available during the retreat (you are welcome extend your stay in Baja if you wish to sigh-see or explore more beyond Yandara). We will embrace the simplicity of the land and the slowness of life at Yandara. This is an opportunity to do something different, off the beaten path, and connect deeply with yourself and nature.

If you are uncertain if this retreat is for you, please reach out! We are happy to answer questions.