Packages & Specials

Live Your Yoga Sessions

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are components of a balanced life. Balance and health are optimized by a relaxed and stress-free internal environment. Restorative yoga asana (poses), meditation, pranayama (breath work), and Reiki (energy work) are techniques specifically used in these sessions to relieve tension and invite a deep relaxation to encourage a natural healing response.

  • Reduce stress and facilitate healing
  • Customized session to address your specific needs
  • A combination of restorative yoga poses, meditation, breath work and Reiki healing
  • Intake questionnaire to ensure your session is personalized
  • 90 minute session for $90

Private Yoga Sessions

Customized sessions to meet your individual needs!  Perfect for beginners, newly expecting moms, students working with new injuries, athletes wanting to improve their performance, and students craving more personalized instruction.

  • Intake questionnaire addressing specific needs and concerns
  • Customized session
  • Take home a copy of the sequence you learned in the session
  • 60 minute session for $50/ 90 minute session for $80
  • *Special* Military personnel discount: 60 min. for $40 or 90 min. for $70
  • **Special** Purchase 5 private lessons, receive a complimentary 60 min. session!

Reiki Packages

Reiki means "universal life force energy" and is a hands-on relaxation technique used to encourage deep relaxation.  Purchase multiple sessions and make a commitment to your personal health and well-being while receiving a discount!  Multiple sessions will optimize your healing and relaxation time.

  • Intake interview
  • 60 minute session including hands-on Reiki session, interview and post-treatment debriefing
  • 60 minute sessions $60
  • *Special* Buy 2 60 minute Reiki Sessions, receive the third at a 25% discount!

Life Coaching

First 15-minute consultation: Free

1-Hour Life Coaching Session: $70

30-Minute Check-in & Goal Tune-up: $40

Package 1
15-Minute consultation
1-Hour Life Coaching Session
2 30-minute Follow Up Sessions
$130 ($20 savings)

Package 2
15-Minute consultation
Two 1-Hour Life Coaching Session
Two 30-minute Follow Up Sessions
$170 ($30 savings)