Mindful Breathing Meditation

Mindful Breathing Meditation

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A perfect way to start (or end!) your day. This 10-minute meditation focuses on the rhythm and sensations of the breath. A perfect practice for beginners or anyone looking for 10-minutes of self-care. Focus your mind, get grounded, and give yourself 10-minutes of undivided attention. You deserve it!

**Customers who wish to play the mp3 on their iOS devices should be able to download the file to their desktop/laptop computers and add it to their mobile devices and tablets running iOS from the main computer. If you have ANY issues, please email me, and I will personally send you a copy of the file.

Creating and maintaining online content can be costly - especially as I work to improve the quality of the recordings. If you enjoy and use these online meditations and you are able, please consider donating to help offset website and equipment costs.