Sankalpa Meditation

Sankalpa Meditation


Sankalpa roughly translates from Sanskrit to English as “will, purpose.” It can be understood as an affirmation or intention. This meditation is about planting the seeds of your Sankalpa deep into your soul. By meditating on your Sankalpa, you will water and nourish those seeds to grow within you. This practice takes time, dedication, and consistency. Words and our thoughts have undeniable power in our lives - choose to use your words and thoughts to cultivate what is important to you. Focus your energy on growing for your highest good.

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Your Sankalpa: be sure it is clear and concise. Say it in the positive, present tense.

For example: "I am patient," rather than "I want to be more patient." Or, "I am courageous and brave," rahter than, "I don't want to be afraid."

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