Deep Relaxation: Body Scan

Deep Relaxation: Body Scan


Through this guided body-awareness journey, you will discover a deep sense of connection and relaxation. Find a quiet space and get comfortable (you can even lay in your bed or on the couch). This 13 minute works quickly to relieve anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

Yes! I want to relax!

Get comfortable!
Climb in bed.
Lay on some blankets.
Use a bolster and some blocks and create a restorative pose like this one...

Shut the door. Close your eyes. Pop in your headphones and CHILL OUT. You deserve it.

**Customers who wish to play the mp3 on their iOS devices should be able to download the file to their desktop/laptop computers and add it to their mobile devices and tablets running iOS from the main computer. If you have ANY issues, please email me, and I will personally send you a copy of the file.