Life Coaching

What do you want to achieve?

How can you transition a dream into a goal? How can you make a goal a reality?

A Life Coach creates a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your dreams and create possible and attainable goals.  A Life Coach will help you design a well-formed, step by step action plan that works with reality.  With the guidance of a coach, you can build confidence and self-efficacy to create the master-piece of your life!

My goal as your Life Coach is to help you step back and look at your dreams from a new perspective, discover what works and create an action plan to move forward.  I will help you create positive and life-affirming goals that reward you with personal growth and fulfillment.  

Is Life Coaching right for you?

The short answer is, Yes!  If you want more happiness, health, free-time, abundance, love, efficiency or any other fulfillment in your life, you will benefit from a coach! Of course we are all unique and multi-dimensional beings, so the first step is a quick interview to see if we are compatible to work together. This will take only a 15 minutes over Skype or a cup of tea in person.  Once rapport has been established, we will coordinate your first coaching session.  This is the very first step to unlock the potential of your life!

No matter what your goals or motivations are, I will help you to optimize your potential and focus on moving forward.  Often, we quit moving forward because of a moment of perceived failure.  I will help you to get out of your way and find a path that works for you!

How does it work?

Life Coaching is a tool, just like yoga and meditation, used to access your highest potential.  Through questions, mirroring and various exercises, I will help you define what areas of your life you wish to work on and goals you want to work towards. We will uncover patterns, both limiting and beneficial, and expand your possibilities.  I will help you uncover what it is your truly want and how you will commit to an action plan. As your Coach, I will hold you accountable, encourage and celebrate you!  We will set timelines and check-ins to help guide you.  Life Coaching is about what YOU want and I am here to be your mirror and biggest fan!


First 15-minute consultation: Free

1-Hour Life Coaching Session: $70

30-Minute Check-in & Goal Tune-up: $40

Package 1
15-Minute consultation
1-Hour Life Coaching Session
2 30-minute Follow Up Sessions
$130 ($20 savings)

Package 2
15-Minute consultation
Two 1-Hour Life Coaching Session
Two 30-minute Follow Up Sessions
$170 ($30 savings)

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