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I am a dog lover. I adopted my beloved little girl over 15 years ago. She is my heart.

I am solar powered. Give me all of the sunshine!

I ran away to the Virgin Islands after I graduated college. It was the greatest adventure of my life. I fell in love with the island and eventually learned how to love myself through yoga. It was not a smooth love story. It was definitely a tumultuous journey filled with addiction, pain, and lessons learned. I am not sure where I would be right now if a friend hadn’t dragged me out of a dark hole one morning to my first yoga class. Which is why I do what I do…

I want to share yoga with you. I want you to potentially forgive and love yourself as much as I have learned to do over the last decade. I want to help you feel confident, supported, and comfortable in your body. I want to cheer you on and help you grow. I want to help you bridge the gap between how you act and feel on your yoga mat with how you act and feel in the "real" world.

Through the practice of yoga, I find love, peace, honesty, generosity, and joy I didn't even know I was capable of experiencing before a yogic lifestyle.  Yoga brought me home to myself, woke me up, and made me willingly vulnerable.  The growth keeps happening, and the lessons keep coming.  As my greatest teacher says, the work is never done.

Here is my wish for you: to embrace the many layers of yoga - the lifestyle, teachings, meditation, philosophy, and techniques so that you can fill your life with more balance, delight, and harmony. I hope that yoga brings as much peace in your heart and vibrancy in your life as it has for me.

My offerings, classes, retreats, teacher trainings, and workshops are a platform to share the path of yoga as a lifestyle in a down-to-earth and practical (and applicable!) presentation. I want you to be able to implement these teachings and move through this world with more compassion in your heart for yourself and every other part of this earth. 

Come travel the world with me to experience beautiful places and the people that live there. Or come to one of my local classes. Even better, invite me to your studio and we can collaborate and create something magical together. 


Education, Certifications, & Experience

Master of Usui-Tibetan Reiki
Certified Life Coach
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
Bachelor in History & Anthropology, Central Connecticut State University
Warriors at Ease Level 2
YogaTrade Ambassador and Writer

Professionally teaching yoga, meditation, and inquiry since 2011
Led 10 entirely independent and successful international yoga retreats
Over 6 years of yoga teacher training programs
Resident Yoga Teacher at the Yoga Farm in Costa Rica every year since 2014
NFL Rams football team yoga teacher, 2013-2014
Assistant Director of Jane’s House of Well-Being in St. Louis, 2013-2014
Yoga Contractor for multiple military installations since 2014
Director of Inspired Yoga Living Teacher Training Programs 200 & 300 RYS
Published writings in Elephant Journal and Yoga Trade
Featured on the Insight Meditation App

Teachers & Studies

I’ve had the great honor and privilege to call many skillful professionals my teachers spanning across oceans from San Francisco to Mexico to India. Among the teachers that have influenced, inspired, and challenged me along the way are: Jason Crandell, Robin Buck, Holly & Matt Krepps, Dandapani, Meghan Currie, Christopher Perkins, Sadie Nardini, Gary Kraftsow, Allison Eaton, Steph Gongora, Erin Kelley, and many more.